2016 Michigan Oral History Association (MOHA) Annual Forum

The Michigan Oral History Association (MOHA) Annual Forum was held November 19, 2016 bringing
together oral history practitioners and those interested in developing oral history projects.

Sessions included:

  • basics of conducting an oral history project,
  • the latest technology involved in conducting projects,
  • oral history in the classroom,
  • descriptions of projects that capture “authentic voices.”

A networking luncheon followed the program to allow participants to connect, report on projects,
and share ideas.

The registration fee of $25 included the Forum, all materials, and a box lunch. Registration was online at

Opening Reception of the Forum was held at the 2016 Summit on Racism, “Understanding Racial Equity;
Transforming our Community,” sponsored by the Society for History and Racial Equity (SHARE) on November 18 at 4:45 pm at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

A Summit session featured the value of oral histories.

Also included in the SHARE Summit:

  • Deeper look at racial equity and how it applies to our communit• Working with Youth
  • Tools for Workplaces
  • Examples of oral history projects where people of color have taken control of a narrative, and thus restore authentic identity to the individual
  • Kalamazoo College Alumni of Color Oral History Project
  • Yemeni personal experiences and family histories

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