Speaker, MIchigan State University

Dean Rehberger is the Director of Matrix, and also Associate Professor in the Department of History at MSU. Dean specializes in developing digital technologies for research and teaching. He has run numerous faculty technology and workshops and given presentations for educators and cultural heritage workers from local, national and international audiences.

Dean oversees Matrix project planning, research and development, and coordinating many of the grant-funded projects for the center. His primary areas of research include: high performance computing and big data; digital history, humanities, and social sciences; digital libraries, museums and archives; Internet technologies in the classroom; and hybrid learning environments.

Dean teaches a variety of courses at MSU for History and Museum Studies. He also helps to design and develop a number of online course for the Department of History.

Michael Green is the Head of Digital Media and the Outreach Liaison at Matrix. He has worked on production of the Africa Past & Present (Afripod) podcast, Viewing the Masquerade Dance: An Audial and Visual History of the Nigeria-Biafra War, Exploring Africa, Gorée Island Archaeological Digital Repository, among others. His extensive work in Senegal has included technological workshops and trainings to empower partners and foster mutually beneficial collaborations. He is an Associate Member of the African Studies Center Core Faculty at MSU

Executive Director - Staff

Donna Odom is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She received her B.A. at Kalamazoo College and her M.A. at Loyola University of Chicago. She founded the Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society in 2003. She retired from the Kalamazoo Valley Museum in 2010, where she coordinated history programs and special projects.

Donna was a member of the steering committee for the Southwest Michigan RACE Exhibit Initiative, is a board member of the Kalamazoo County Historical Society, the Historical Society of Michigan, and the Michigan Oral History Association. She writes and lectures on regional African American history and the Underground Railroad.