Speaker’s Bureau

Presentations for your organization

Our members have years of experience in conducting oral history projects. They have expertise in such select areas as technology, ethics, developing key partnerships, and archiving interviews. Our mission is to provide for effective cooperation and communication among persons, programs, and institutions concerned with the techniques, uses, and promotion of oral history in Michigan.

Our members are active in history-related presentations and serve as facilitators for state and regional forums. Presentations at organizational conferences have included interviewing family members at Family History Days, giving voice to diverse communities, and working with your local museums.

MOHA is here to lend our expertise and assist in your oral history endeavors!

Request a Presentation

Need a 30-90 minute presentation for your local historical society museum, archives, or genealogical society? MOHA  will tailor a presentation to fit your schedule and address the oral history topics of your choice.

For help in planning a MOHA Presentation please contact workshops@michiganoha.org